Company Newsletter - June 2018


ABRO will be displaying New, state-of-art balancing technology at the following shows. Please email us at for further details/ personal invitation.
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ABRO has recently installed a fully automatic complete tyre assembly line for HONDA CARS. This line includes the following station:
(1) Automatic tyre mounted
(2) Automatic tyre inflator
(3) Automatic tyre balancer
(4) Automatic tyre marking unit
(5) Unbalance collection unit.
(6) Automatic audit (checking ) unit
The tack time for the above process is 13 secs. per tyre.



We are happy to inform you that we have upgraded a vacuum balancing machine for Siemens by exchanging SCHENCK pedestals + electronics with more rigid and more accurate ABRO Pedestals + Electronics to balance turbines upto 30 tons and to achieve superior results. This machine is a new Schenck machine commissioned less than 2 years ago. Photographs of the upgraded machine with a 22 ton turbine balanced on it is enclosed.

ABRO makes machines which combine high pedestal stiffness with high measuring accuracy. ABRO machines truly meet the following 2 stipulations of ISO:-

ISO-11342: In some cases, it is desirable that the bearing supports in the balancing facility be chosen to provide similar conditions to those at site so that the modes obtained during site operation will be adequately represented during the balancing process and hence reduce the necessity for subsequent field balancing.

ISO-11342: In all cases, there shall be no resonance of the transducer and/or mountings, which significantly influence vibration measurement within the speed range of the test