Vibration Instrumentation

Vibration Instrumentation and vibration analyzers measure, display and analyse vibrations. These can be simple vibration meters to advanced analyzers used to detect/predict early precursors of machinery failure allowing machinery to be repaired and replaced before expensive failure occurs. These can also be 24X7 online systems which work fully autonomously around the clock for critical machinery.

ABRO provides a wide range of vibration and condition monitoring products from high tech portable instruments to 24X7 online vibration systems. ABRO also can provide Wireless vibration monitoring system with vibration diagnostic capability.

Products and Services offered:

➤ Vibration Meters and Analysers up to 16 Channels.
➤ IPAD based Vibration Analysers with Multifunctional Condition Monitoring Capability.
➤ Online Vibration Monitoring and Analysis System.
➤ Laser Alignment System.
➤ Thermal Camera.
➤ Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI).
➤ Vibration Sensors including Accelerometer, Velocity Sensors, Proximity Sensors, etc.