High Speed Balancers

ABRO has developed High Speed Balancers machines to balance rotors at operating speeds and achieve low vibration levels that were never thought to be possible. Those days are gone when in order to meet specifications like API-612 on the high-speed balancing machine, one must employ API deviations. On the HR series, you can meet all existing balancing and vibrations standards for turbines, compressors, and armatures.

ABRO high-speed balancing machines combine high rigidity with high sensitivity. Site conditions can be created by selecting the desired stiffness and if necessary by using the actual bearings of the rotor. Therefore, accurate low speed and high-speed balancing are possible for rotors with widely varying weights and speeds.

The major advantages of high-speed balancing are:

➤ Smooth operation throughout entire speed range up to over speed.
➤ Verification of mechanical stability of rotor and its assembled components.
➤ Availability of optional balancing planes which normally are not assessable during in-situ balancing.
➤ Identification of electrical features in generator rotor up to entire speed range.

Here are some examples of high-speed balancers manufactured by ABRO.
Balancing Turbomolecular Pumps at 90,000RPM
An ABRO hard bearing balancing machine has been supplied for the balancing of turbomolecular pumps in a vacuum level of the 0.01m bar.

Burst testing of jobs in a spin pit
ABRO has manufactured an integral high-speed balancing machine and spin it. This facility would be used to test jobs for their mechanical strength. Parts are run to high-speed till they disintegrate (burst). The machine is provided with 5 annular rings for containment of burst particles.

Facility for balancing completely assembled motors
ABRO has developed a facility to balance completely assembled motors on the HR series high-speed balancing machines which have high rigidity and sensitivity.