Electric Motor Repair Shops

Most OEM’s worldwide balance their armatures and generator rotor at operating speeds. This ensures lower vibration levels at site and an enhanced rotor life span. Repair shops worldwide are now also shifting towards operating speed balancing as its been made affordable by us at ABRO. We offer operating speed ( high speed ) Balancing Machines for Electric Motors Repair Shops at an extremely low cost, making sure vibration levels are reduced and rotors run smoothly and efficiently without spending big bucks !!

ABRO is the only manufacturer that offers high speed balancing machines of armatures at an extremely low cost. We can also Upgrade your existing low speed machine to make it an high speed ( operating speed ) balancing machine.

Follow the OEM’s, balance at high speeds to simulate site conditions and improve the lifespan of your re-winded electric motor !!

Balancing Machines for Electric Motors Repair Shops