Balancing Machines for Toolholder

Abro balancing has the expertise of providing high-quality Balancing Machines for Toolholder. In today’s modern age the spindle speed of tools has increased significantly as we want higher cutting volumes and high precision results from our machines. However, if the tool, toolholder, and spindle are not precision balanced, we will have to unbalance related vibrations leading to rattling, poor surface finish and increased wear and tear of the tool and bearing.

ABRO manufactures high precision vertical and horizontal balancing machines for precisely this application. The special features of these machines are:

➤ Vertical machines with piezo sensors having permanent calibration.
➤ Single plane and two plane balancing option available.
➤ The option of pneumatically operated clamping system to pull tool into the spindle.
➤ Laser marking for accurate location of unbalance plane.
➤ Compensation of unbalance caused by eccentricity of the rotor.